It is time.. It is all about time: an introduction.

It is time.. It is all about time: an introduction.

Hi guys,

So I am Shae and I am Smart Artist Management (SAM).

I have been working on SAM for the last 10 years on a small scale. I have worked in administration in accounting for almost 20 years (I can’t believe it has been THAT long). In those 20 years I have worked with and met some truly amazing people that have inspired and motivated me to learn as much as I can from them and the organisations that I have worked with.

About 12 years ago I had a health scare which catapulted me into a new world and way of thinking. I went part time at work (accounting firm) and started a course in Music Management. For about 6 years I managed bands, worked with musicians on promotion, business set up, gig booking, tours and grant applications. My last role I undertook was for the Northcote Traders Association booking bands for their High Noon festival. But over time, the need for a full time income was greater than the passion to throw myself solely into the music community. So sadly, I deviated from that path slightly to concentrate on working full time in a new job (accounting again).

But the passion for working with musicians was still (and always will be) there. So I dabbled a little with helping my brother’s band (check them out, they are called ‘Awake in Time’) and a few other musicians and DJs.

18 months ago my Mum (who was terminally ill with ovarian cancer) made me sit on her hospital bed for a chat. She held my hand and told me that it was time for me to start focusing on myself and that she could not believe that with all my knowledge, experience and creativity that I was still not working at what I am most passionate about and making that my career. Mum was always someone who taught me that having a secure job was the answer to life and she embodied that thought throughout her own so you can imagine how shocked I was to hear this from her.

Message loud and clear Mum.

It seems that I have had quite a few wake up calls. A few major life events that have shown me I need to focus more on what I am passionate about; helping people. But how? I tried the reinventing myself by studying counselling, but going through mum’s experience and caring for her totally put me off the idea of counselling and caring in that capacity. So what next? How do I do this? What do I know?

Um.. Silly me, it had been staring me in the face for years.

Reinvent Smart Artist Management as a go to online business centre for all business types as well as creative people. Over the last few years I have been working on creating and maintaining websites, running social media campaigns, building my photography and writing skills and have helped many friends start up their own businesses.

SOOOO why the hell not make this a bigger part of my life?

I introduce to you, Smart Artist Management in all of it’s entirety. 20 years of varying work experience that not only am I proud of having but have learnt so much from. I still have the full time job, but have a hell of a lot of time to dedicate to my clients. One day, I would like for this to be the ONLY thing that I do. Oh yeah, and travel. And write about travel, which I already do, you can check out my website The Bright Eyed Explorer (yes I made that website) if that interests you too.

Anyway, enough from me. Time to get cracking on this.

Shae x

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