Smart Artist Management is a Digital Business Agency

With over 20 years in business administration, Smart Artist Management makes other people’s business our business.

Working in the corporate world in accounting administration, Online Business Manager Shae Isaac started Smart Artist Management and our sister digital agency Smart Artist Media over 10 years ago.

Part of The SAM Agency, Smart Artist Management absolutely loves working with people who have a business idea and being a part of helping and watching that idea grow into a successful business.

We work with individuals and small businesses of all types and have over 10 years experience working with musicians, therapists and creatives.

One of the most important things about hiring Smart Artist Management is that you have the ability to save money and time. You are not tied to a long term employment contract having to pay overheads such as payroll tax, superannuation and insurance. You also don’t have the overheads of employing someone and maintaining their work environment.

Hiring Smart Artist Management gives you greater flexibility so that you can hopefully find a better work/life balance. We can help condense your workload giving you more time for YOU.